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Exploration #5

Video Walk

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Exploration #5 is a look into the daily activities of an office building environment and how role, function and personal history direct different people’s movements and engagements with these spaces. 

A network of transmitters,  distributed throughout a building, broadcasted pre-recorded and live video depicting architectural details and everyday actions related to that location. The visitor to the site was given a scanner, monitor, and headphones, built into an object, which allowed him/her to intercept and view the wireless video transmissions. 

By carrying this object, called The Peek-a-boo Cantenna, the visitor assumed the performative role of “The Explorer” and entered  into an investigative journey of the strange corners of the urban environs and encounters with the people that occupied these spaces. The visitor walked around, moving in and out of the different spaces, such as an office, a bathroom and the cellar. Through these movements, one constructed a narrative journey and people and space, of itinerant encounters that moved between the virtual and the real, between fiction and memory.


Experience comes from experiencing. The last thing Michelle Teran did was taking a video scanner and projector in a handbag throughout Kreuzberg. Pictures of surveillance cameras or television pictures coming from a living-room were projected back on walls of houses. At Telsa, where Teran is having a residency at the moment, she organized a walkabout through the Podewils’sches Palais. With great sensitivity she explored the space and the special circumstances of it. Though the house often seems abandoned, when looking at the monitor that one carries along, one marvels at how many people are really around. One visits workers and even a building surveyor who appears for a few seconds. 

Meike Jansen,  Berlin journalist, TAZ


Exploration #5 was developed during an artist-in-residence at Tesla, Berlin. During this residency, interviews were conducted with different people working in the building, from the superintendent, secretaries, receptionist, technicians, curators, administrator and finally director of the Podewils’sches Palais, the building where Tesla, a media lab, was situated. Along with interviews, I asked people to take me on walks through the building to show me its unseen and unknown spaces and talk about their experiences working in the building. This information helped create the video walk and installation.